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Getting Started

French CountryYour home or businesses reflects you, your personality, and your lifestyle. A major part of planning design strategy is to analyze the mood, the preferred style, and the decor selection that exemplifies your taste.

Do you prefer formal? This mood will be sedate, traditional, and elegant. Period styles might include Italian, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Eighteenth Century Period, Empire Period, Victorian, Regency, or English Baroque (to mention a few).

Do you prefer semi-formal? This mood will be sophisticated, but more casual than formal. The styles include French Country Estate, Italian Country, English Countryside, Colonial Period, Williamsburg Style, Spanish Style, and the William & Mary Period.

Do you prefer informal? This mood will be relaxed and natural. Styles include Tudor, French Country, Low Spanish, Bungalow, Casual Colonial, Early American, Primitive, Amish, and many other contemporary and transitional decors from the minimal styles of 2000 to Loft, Retro, Arts & Crafts, Scandinavian, Eclectic, Tropical, and other modern decors.

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